Retired Adults 
Anne's Pomeranians Is Retired and Out of Business

These are retired Poms and are not availablePink for Girls and Blue for boys.


Ch. Lovely TLC Diablo Rosso (Bubba)
Orange Sable.


Jonca's Uptown Guy (Guy)

Black tan


Royal Tee Spotz (Sebastian)

Black Piebald Parti


Anne's Lovin Chocolate Chip (Chip)

Chocolate tan


Radella's & Lucy's Hershey Delite (Hershey)  Chocolate


Moss Meadows Cola Float (Cola)

Chocolate tan


Anne's Satin Doll Bonnie Blue (Bonnie)  Blue


Anne's Smore Chocolate Delight (Bubbles)   Chocolate piebald


Anne's Absolutely Irresistable (Abby)
Chocolate Sable Parti


Anne's Chocolate Addison (Addison)



Anne's These Boots R Made 4 Walkin (Bootsie)    Black white markings


KCMagicalpom's Scarlett Brandywine (Brandy)    Black Tan



Anne's Lovin Buttercup (Buttercup)

Chocolate Sable with white marking


Anne's Chocolate Candy Coated (Candy)     Chocolate tan Parti


Anne's Celine Dion (Celine)

Orange Sable Parti


Anne's Chocolate Tan Charm (Charm) Chocolate Tan wh mkgs


Anne's Black N Tan Treasure

(Treasure) Black Tan


Anne's Chocolate Is Divine (Divine)

Chocolate Parti


Anne's Chocolate Infatuation (Farrah)  Chocolate tan


Anne's Smore Chocolate Please (Gidget)       Chocolate Piebald Parti


Anne's Flirt N With Trouble (Flirt)

Orange with white markings.


Arella's Diamond In De RUff (Icy)
Black Tan Piebald Part


Perennials Bejeweled (Jewel)

Chocolate Parti


Anne's Parti With Mocha (Mocha)

Chocolate parti


Anne's Uptown Foxy GIrl (Foxy)

Orange Sable with white markings


Bright Eyes Haley of Sunflower (Haley)        Beaver Piebald Parti


Anne's Image of Diamonds (Image)

Black tan Piebald Parti


Int'l CH. Anne's Jokers Wild (Joker)

Chocolate parti


Anne's Kiss Me Kate (Katie)

Orange Sable Parti


Anne's Lil Lady Bug (Lady Bug)

Orange Sable


Anne's Lipstick On Your Collar (Lipstick)       Black tan Parti


Anne's Matisse Masterpiece (Matisse)    Black tan Parti


Loreland's Mia (Mia)

Orange Sable


Pomacres At The Copacabana (Lola)  Chocolate Parti


Christanne's Royal Shawnassy (Shawnassy) Chocolate tan Parti  edit text


Anne's Frankly My Dear (Rhett)

Black tan


Anne's Uptown Parti Girl (Paris)

Black Piebald Parti


Anne's Patch Of Perfection (Patches) Beaver Piebald Parti


Anne's Rumor Has It (Rumor)

Orange Sable



Chelanes Tri'N A Lil Rock N Roll (Rocky)        Black tan parti


Int'l CH Anne's Rose Of Another Color (Rose)       Black tan 


Anne's Scout N 4 A Parti (Scout)
Orange Sable Parti


Anne's Darlin Little Dee Dee       (Dee Dee)      Black tan 


Anne's Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop

(Shimmy)      Chocolate Parti


Anne's Triple Mocha Dot (Mokee)

 Chocolate tan Parti


Chelane's Tori (Tori)
Black Tan Piebald Parti


Perennials Good Golly Miss Molly (Molly)      Orange Sable.


Perennials Smokin' In The Boys Room (Smokin') Cream Sable


Anne's I Love You Susie Q (Susie)
Black tan Parti


Anne's Koko Tafi of Royal Tee (Tafi)

Chocolate Piebald Parti


Anne's Top Hat N Tails (Tank)

Black tan


Anne's Tri N For My Heart (Tabatha) Black Tan Parti


Anne's Tic Tac Toe (Tic Tac)

Black Ex-Piebald Parti


Anne's I Wanna Be A Parti (Tippie) 

Beaver Parti


Anne's Sensational Sugar & Cream 



Anne's Tequilla Sunrise (Tiki)
Orange Sable


Anne's Naughty But Nice (Wolfy)


Anne's Suits Me To A Tee (Tete) 

Orange Sable


Anne's Tomorrow Is Another Day (Scarlett)     Orange Sable


Anne's Plum Tuckered (Tucker)
Black Tan white markings.


Anne's In D Mood To Parti (Indy)  Black tan Parti


Anne's Chocolate Mint Patti (Patti)

Chocolate Parti


Anne's Wrapped In Dark Chocolate (Rappy)   Chocolate 


Anne's It Takes 2 To Tango (Tango)

Black tan


Anne's Black N Tan Trinket (Trinket)
Black tan


Anne's Chocolate Parti Tationa (Tationa)  Chocolate Parti


Anne's Tri N To Be A Ballerina (Tutu)

Black tan Parti


Int'l CH. Anne's Catch Me If You Can (Cricket)    Chocolate


Anne's What I like about you (Roxie)

Black tan


Anne's Sparkle N Black Diamond (Sparkles)  Black Parti


Perennials Presley (Presley)

Cream Parti


Anne's Black N Tan Viola (Viola)

Parents are Treasure & Indy


Anne's Spring Blossom (Blossom)

Black tan parti Piebald


Anne's Gossip Girl (Gossip)

Red Sable Parti


Perennials Ella Quent Lady (Ella)
Black tan

Arwins Silver Bullet (Bullet)

Blue & tan Merle 


Anne's Tri N On A Bow Tie (Bow Tie)
Black & Tan Parti


Anne's Chocolate Ripples (Ripples)    Chocolate & Tan Parti


Anne's Chocolate Pistachio (Pistachio)

Chocolate tan Piebald Parti


Anne's Betcha I Can Parti (Cha Cha)

Beaver Tan Parti


Anne's Black Frosted Pear (Pearl) Black Parti 


Anne's Glitz N Glamour (Glamour) 

Black Tan Parti 


Anne's Confetti Kisses (Confetti)

Black Tan Parti


Mountain Valley Summer Rain (Summer)        Black tan


Anne's Tri N 4 Harmony (Harmony) Black tan parti


Anne's Tri N 4 A Spring Rain (Raine) Black tan Parti


Anne's Peaches N Cream (Peaches) Orange Parti


Anne's Black Frosted Pearl (Pearl)  Black Parti


Anne's Moonlight N Crystal (Crystal)  Black Parti


Perennials Wolf Shadow (Shadow)  Cream Sable


Anne's Tri N On A Tuxedo ( Tuxedo) Black tan Parti 


Anne's Rainbow of Colors (Rainbow) Orange Sable Parti 


Windsong's Merled Calypso At Anne's (Calypso) Chocolate tan Merle


Anne's Tri N 4 A Summer Romance (Romance)      Black tan Parti


Anne's Carmel Sensation (Carmel)    Beaver Parti 


Anne's Devotion T Chocolate ( Diva) Chocolate tan Piebald Parti 


Anne's Chocolate N Tan Parfait (Parfait)     Chocolate tan Parti 


Anne's She Loves Me~She Loves Me Not (Daisy)          Black tan Parti 


Anne's Champagne On Ice (Champagne)        Cream

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