This is the home of Anne's Pomeranians pm 116 acres of beautiful wooded land in Indiana. The house is attached to the a steel building where the kennel and nursery are built inside so we can be close to the Poms at all times. 

This is the back yard with a fish pond and just on the other side of it is the kennel runs so I can be entertained by the Poms while I am outside enjoying life in the woods. 

The kennel is built in the end of the house in the steel building parit. It has 13 runs that are 4'x12' on the back side of the building with doggie doors for them to go in and out as they wish. The exercise pen is 40'x60' completely fenced and a great area that is safe for them to run and play. 

This is the inside of the kennel with 13 runs that are from 3'x5' to 3'x10'. The inside area is 8'x40' and houses the adults and older puppies. They do have doggie doors so they can go in and out whenever they want into the 4'x12' runs in the back and the 40'x60' play/exercise area. Air conditioned and heated.

Our nursery is 14'x20' and that is where the litters are raised and kept until they are ready to go to their new forever homes. All litters are whelped in our half of the house and moved back out into the attached nursery when the puppies are old enough. This is also where I do the grooming, wash their towels and beds, keep their vaccinations and anything of theirs that needs to be refrigerated. Each pen is large and has a water bottle and food bowl, that are washed daily. The nursery and the kennel are attached to each other and both are air conditioned and heated so they are always comfortable. We have ceiling fans and vents to keep the air moving. Everyone sleeps on soft beds that look like sheep wool. Their beds are changed and washed daily if not more often. The Moms are fed special soft food after the puppies are born and until the puppies are weaned. The puppies are on the special soft food until they are about 8 weeks old. When they are ready they are weaned to Fromm Gold Puppy Food. It depends on their size and age. All puppies leave here with a great outgoing personality from being held and played with several times a day everyday and getting lots of special attention. 

This sign will help you see where to go to see the Poms when you pull up to the house. The room is on the end of the house that you will enter when you come to see puppies or pick a puppy up. The nursery and kennel are attached to this room so you can see where the puppies and adults are kept and raised. All puppies leave here for their new forever home with helpful hints for raising puppies including a paper on Hypoglycemia, potty training your puppy, crate training your puppy and tips in general for taking a puppy home. AKC registration application, a vaccination/worming record, a copy of the One Year Limited Genetic Health Guarantee, a toy if picked up and not shipped (airlines do not allow toys in the crate when shipping the puppies), a small bag of Fromm Gold Puppy Food. I am available to answer any questions you may have before or after you take the puppy home. You may call me at 765-893-4745 or email me at annespomeranians@gmail.com at anytime with any questions you may have.